Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NineBall Versus the Tricky Socket

While I was on the phone with Tech Support last night with Jetway, I used a different screwdriver with more torque than my normal screwdriver when tightening the socket to lock in the CPU and heard a click. The next thing I knew, my motherboard worked. In that moment I realized the awful truth about what it means to epically Fail. 1 RMA, 2 CPUs and several months later I found out that I simply had not turned the screw on the socket far enough when seating my CPU. Per Tech instructions I always made sure that I turned the screw 180 degrees until the socket firmly held the CPU in place. I guess they left out the part where there should have been a distinct clicking sound when it actually locked (I'm used to clamp-type sockets).

While I'm excited at having my current setup working, I was really looking forward to getting that SuperMicro board. If I were starting all over again, that is what I would likely do although Jetway has been pretty good throughout all of this.

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