Thursday, June 30, 2011

NineBall Versus Fatherhood

So, fatherhood has kept me busy and my projects are piling up, with many getting nearer to completion but none being quite there. Below I am including a list of my current projects, almost all of which are being documented and will be posted at some point in the future (another project I'm slacking on...).

  • Project Hydra (NAS) - Has been running smoothly since I first put it together. I have a new 2TB drive to upgrade my array with.
  • Project Pythia (Main HTPC) - Pretty stable but has S3 sleep issues occasionally (not going into it). This box is slated for a major hardware and software overhaul as soon as I have time.
  • Project Hermes (OTA TV) - My antenna is partially built and will be mounted temporarily in the office in front of the window. When I have time in the future I will mount it on the roof.
  • Project Selene (Baby mobile) - For my (currently) 4 month old son and has priority over all other projects. This is a complex one but I hope to have it done before he is sleeping in his bedroom.
The following are future projects that I hope to embark on.

  • Project Kerberos (Router) - I have a VM running Untangle server that I use as a gateway/firewall for all my other VMs to connect to on the internal VirtualBox connection. In production, I would place this in-between my modem and my LAN, replacing my basic aging router.
  • Project Ladon (Home Automation) - In the future I would like to tie all my entertainment, ambiance, security and networking together into a nice whole-home package. Preferably with Android device integration.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NineBall Versus the CNAME Alias

For as long as I've had this blog (which surprisingly is almost a year although my post count wouldn't indicate it), I've had a domain name; actually longer. Although I did know that I could set up my blog to look like it belonged under my domain name, I had never looked into how to do it. Until today that is.

Following the instructions I found here, I logged into my registrar's control panel and setup the CNAME as directed and then into my blog settings and set the domain name. The steps below are for my registrar,, but as the instructions state, they should work roughly the same for any registrar. And obviously, if you use the hosting provided through Google, it should be even easier.

Step 1) Log into the control panel and navigate to Domain > DomainCentral

Steps 2-3) Drop down the domain you would like to edit, navigate to the DNS tab and select CNAME Alias from the modify drop-down box. Add the CNAME alias that you would like to redirect to your blog. And now the part that made it all work for me when it should have based on the support article: add the CNAME alias again with
 in front of it. Adding the second entry made it work for me but your mileage may vary and this may not be required.

And that's it. Give the DNS entries time to take; you'll know it worked when you navigate to your CNAME alias and get a Google 404 page. Once that happens edit the domain used for your blog as directed in the instructions and you're all set.