Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Obligatory first post

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. The idea behind this blog is to delve into all the aspects of my life that I can make simpler and more enjoyable with technology. These will range from the equipment that I use for light entertainment to whole-home systems and everywhere in between.

So, maybe a little background into what qualifies me to tell you anything about this. I can safely say, very little. I have no real previous writing experience (do forum posts count?) and no industry certifications. What I do have is an innate knack and love for dealing with anything electronic. By day, I am a software developer/analyst working the last several years at an access control manufacturer where I specialize in DVRs and analog/IP CCTV systems on both the hardware and software side. By night (and on weekends), I tinker with any hardware and software I can get my hands on when I'm not busy reclining with a video game.

Some of the milestones I want to hit at my new house (moved in three months ago) have already been met while others are in progress. Still (many) others I have not even begun. I plan to outline all of them here to help the community that has given me much and, quite often I am sure, plea for help myself when it is needed.

With that said I again welcome you here and hope we all get a little something out of this.

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